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Next Beef

Next beef: Ok, I’ve got a shocker for you. Are you sitting down? Of course you are, what kind of asshole reads a computer while standing up? This just in from the HealthDay News: “Children from military families are twice as likely to die from severe abuse as other children are, according to a North Carolina study.”. No, I’m not making it up, although it sounds like it. I mean, the next thing they are going to report is that children who are raised by pedophiles are more likely to be molested than children who grow up with normal parents.

So why is it, that the child abuse murder rate was 100% higher among our country’s noble defenders? Could it be the increased presence of firearms around the home? Not every soldier’s home has a gun, but every soldier does. See, that’s how you can tell them apart. The soldiers are the ones that kill, and instead of getting in trouble for it, they get paid instead. They’re sorta like cops, but instead of killing people from this country, they kill people from other countries…unless there’s some “friendly fire”. That’s got to be a great way to go out. I mean, would you rather get killed by an enemy shooting mean “frowny fire” bullets at you, or from one of your compatriots armed with smiling Wal-mart-faced “friendly fire” bullets.

So we’re supposed to be surprised that people paid to murder and torture other people wind up acting monstrous at home when they’re off the clock? We are supposed to be surprised that placing an individual in the midst of an organization where people are humiliated, forced to adopt a sacrificial group-think mind where the focus is to take another’s life, and bow to an empty patriotic altar while doing so – we are supposed to be surprised that this leads to psychological break downs? We’re supposed to believe that people can turn on and off these hyper-aggressive mindsets like a light switch? How fucking dumb do they think we are?

Maybe we are that dumb. Shit, Bush did win the popular vote this time. Savor this: that means more people voted for him than any other candidate.

And I hear all this nonsense about how he’s a good Christian man who is guided by faith. Bullshit. I got news for you, I read that book too. It’s impossible to be a Christian soldier. It’s logically inconsistent. The book says when confronted, you’ve got to turn the other cheek. You can’t kill. Even if someone threatens your life on earth, the Christian must focus only on “being right with God” and their “place in the hereafter”. That’s how they got so many converts from the get-go of the religion: martyrs who wouldn’t fight back, because to do so would injure their odds in the afterworld. Shit, it ain’t my gig, but if that’s what these assholes think, then either live by the fuckin’ book or toss it out the window. This half-ass shit ain’t working for anyone. Especially when grading a leader on one part, but ignoring the other. Especially when the part being ignored is the major message of the religion. Where the fuck are the Christian leaders? The ones who actually give a fuck about the book? Why aren’t the majority speaking out against this war and this leader? Why don’t they point out that the job of taking care of the poorest and the sickest is society’s job? Sure, the faith based initiatives sound like a nice idea, until one realizes what a philosophical shift it is. Where are the religious leaders of compassion who say, “Yes, America, we’ll pick up our government’s job if we absolutely have to, but really, you should be doing this. Our job is to look after your souls, but we’ll look after your bodies (The Catholic priests are particularly good at this, especially if you are a boy around 11 years old) if we must. But we do so with a heavy heart, because society was created to protect the sick and poor, not pass them off.”

But what the fuck am I doing expecting either compassion or sanity from a religious leader? Viva the crusades!
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