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Monkey Business

So today on the AP wire, I read an odd story about an escaped monkey from a Government disease research facility on an island in South Carolina. Immediate images of "Project X" were conjured up, & while I doubt the monkey was flying a jet simulator & being exposed to nuclear radiation to see if it could survive long enough to carry out a counter-attack, there's no doubt in my mind that some unspeakably cruel experiments are being conducted at that place "for the good of humanity".

The keeper line about the escaped monkey comes near the end of the story. A PR guy for the research base had this to say: The escaped monkey was caught Tuesday, Westergaard said. "I'm sure he wanted to get back but couldn't figure out how," he said. (AP NEWS)

The same way that the developing Muslim world wants a gift of "freedom" courtesy of America, the same way that a provocatively dressed woman wants obscene catcalls and sex, the same way that a kid wants a new pair of sox for X-mas & not the new badass toy, the same way that animals in a zoo that in the wild have a 100 mile territory radius like being caged "because it gives them a sense of comfort." I could go on and on but I'm not here to give a sermon on doublespeak...Let's do that Wednesday.
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