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Political conversation in a bar isn't as bad as you'd think, especially if someone's sober (not me)

I know I promised that there wouldn't be as much political discussion, but...tough shit.

So, Flink & I were talking last night (for those who don’t know who I’m talking about, he happens to be one of the brightest people I’ve ever encountered, and is very well informed about subjects as disparate as revolutionary socialist groups of the 1960s, the various offensive schemes of various basketball teams of the 1970s, the most obscure comic book heroes of the 1980s and the best punk bands of the 1990s among many other things + he's forgotten more about bicycles than you ever knew) & he wants to see the Dems put up Hilary and Obama in 2008, so that the Dem’s supporters become wholly disenfranchised with the party and take steps to find elect-able candidates. His reasoning: Hillary is a woman and Obama is black, and unfortunately things are so backwards in this country that there are just too many people who cannot abide that. I countered with, “You know, 47 years ago, people were saying the same thing about a Catholic president. Granted, it took the advent of TV, Nixon’s dark beard, dad cashing in all his bootlegger chips & the Chicago “Vote Early & Vote Often” mafia to finish what Al Smith started years earlier, but it got done.”
His response was, “Ok, but how many other non-WASPs have sat in that seat since?”
“Bubba almost counts.”

I don’t know if Flink’s right. Maybe I’m something of an optimist; I think he’s dead wrong. Still, I’m not willing to make a bet when the tolerance & intelligence of Middle America is the subject. The last hope we had died in a plane crash. Wellstone was the only true liberal with enough political capital to make it to the White House. Imagine a Wellstone/Kerry ticket, or better yet, a Wellstone/Dean. With Wellstone’s sage guidance, Dean might not have pushed himself so hard campaigning, & might not have made that cheerleader scream that made him look insane to a majority of the country.

Moving on, Barak Obama is my hero; that guy is the future. I do have several conceptual problems with Hillary, though. The most major being that she is a centrist apologist. She cried crocodile tears when she explained why she signed the Iraq resolution, but she signed all the same. I know what those tears were: she was blackmailed into signing it by centrists on both sides who told her to do this or else you’ve got no future beyond your senate seat. Fearing her ambition being dragged asunder by the vicissitudes of fortune, she signed off on the sanctioned murder of thousands.

A lesser point, but a valid one nonetheless is that Hillary is a cuckold. In a society that requires its leader to appear in total control, which is not to say intelligent, as W will testify to, but just appear forceful enough to pull the trigger if need be. Even though she signed the Iraq resolution, on a psychological level, a cuckold appears impotent & defeated. A critic might say, “If she can’t control her bedroom, how can she control the country?” A foolish critique, but one that exists nonetheless.

So I'm no fan of Hillary, but if she wins her party’s nomination, she’ll receive my vote - only ‘cuz the Dems have me by the short and curlies. Wait a second, I live in Oregon! Unless for some strange reason it winds up very close, I’ll be able to vote my conscience. I’ll be able to vote Socialist.
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